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I take my time to share my life with you. Yes its out of order. It’s not the perfect way?  I’m Not Perfect are you? If you are just click above. You don’t need to waste your time below. May positive thought flow through you always. JB

I gain EVERYTHING”… My time is my “dime” . So have fun  and destroy anything you choose. Critic until your heart is content. Then  build your site your way or better. “If you can”….  Send me a link to your new site and show it off,…  “If You like it”….. As for me, I’m just fine sharing what can build your future. But that’s only if you have a positive mind and inner strength and the right niche or subject.  I guess even the negative mind could figure out how to capitalize on something.

I don’t know what that something would be, because my mind bends toward the positive thoughts in this world. Have fun with that one. I do. I reserve to change my dime to my quarter any time I choose. You don’t have to let this world make you a looser. Or do You?… After all  they got you right where they want you!… don’t they!… Stay there if that’s good for you’…. The truth is not always easy.

I find it easy to be all over the place with subjects. Just to show you, you can do what ever you like. I do’…. The positive thought is You can leave now if your perfect and know everything. Just click that mouse. No skin off my chin. The next positive thought is you may learn something. You always will if that is your choice and the way you think. See how that’s works. Everything has positive in it, if you look for it and learn something from it. Wake up if that’s not the truth for you.


I’m Me and your You.

My Mother and little Sister

Do something for yourself  Today”…. My Mom above had a massive stroke 9 years ago and she is living Happy’…. Yes she lost the left side of her body and she has her ups and downs. But  now you know where my positive comes from. One never knows what tomorrow will bring.

I wrote this as a comment to my site.

Thank you The site I understand has no value other then being real. Who you are is what you experience in life. The reason I put the affiliate train connection was because of the title online business train. I figured if people visited this site that were looking for rail transportation they could find it here. That way its not a complete wast of time for them. That is real. My free ticket offer is to a better way to help create a real online business but your right my links are connected to my life. My inspiration is to help people find a way to the truth.

Either way, It has drop down menu’s Mom had a Massive stroke and is a 9 year survivor. People don’t have to give up in life weather it be with love, finances, health or the loss of everything. I wrote the article on the WA site and linked it here. Not to be deceptive but to share those words with anyone that wished to read them. That goes for anything I have written here. People need to realize their potential. There are some that could show the world why they have it so good. Or why others should see how good they have it in life.  Some will see and others are blind until they are faced with a disability. Be true to yourself always. Everything is connected if your eyes are open.

Car and truck 009

Living life with truth

This may be off topic or another equation of being alive and human. Last night I had a discussion with a friend about
the subject of life. Together as we thought we are not alone. For one…. every person you meet’….. you also meet a part of
every person they have met. We take something from every experience and this becomes who we are. This is how we learn
and hand down life. Also how we pick up thought’s that are a part of this Theory.

You can correct me if I’m wrong.
We are all connected to this universe and this world is our host. If we understand and try to make this grow into a
positive thought we can become a better unit as a whole. So the next person you meet take a few moments to wonder
about every person they have met. You may want to get closer to the point to understand the combined thoughts and
growth with compassion. Maybe even a step toward healing the negative forces at play that spread through the universe
with purpose and reason…… Why I side with the positive.

What ever you do in life be yourself after all it is who you are that has the true Value

Which strength has more power Positive or negative? or are they equal?  Can one change
the outcome of reason? I believe we all have a reason to understand the process of both universal and earthly equations.
The question of the invisible. We know it exist. The light we create. The Positive and negative energy that powers your battery.
The sound you hear from the waves processed to your ear. The topic the universe connected to bring you a thought out of thin air.
The oxygen you breath. Defining the invisible are there others?

I say yes there are. I do believe there is great value in understanding
the questions that are unanswered. I believe as stated above, this understanding may very well bring us closer to the center of all creation.
If nothing less we could fix what man has done to this earth with simple together thoughts. Like why man did not dump his trash in a volcano
instead of our oceans.Thank you for Reading my theory here ….. J B

Your a part of Life! Think about This”….

Are we in life for pure pleasure?…. or are we in life to learn. share and grow?

Below and above are a part of my life. This is my site, my way. I am straight forward to the truth. I want you to succeed. I believe if I “truly help others”… I will have lived my life to its fullest.  I am also peeved and fed up with all the scamming BS that the the online world is dishing out these days. Stealing the hard earned money from good people because they want or need to better their lives with scams. This should no longer be tolerated.

Truck trip 020                                                              This is what I have been trained to do in life along with Heavy equipment.  What do You Do?

Why do we think out-loud ? I said this out loud when I should of Just thought it. Now I have to look over my shoulder. I hate the fact that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Oh those of rich can come out of the cracks when someone slaps them in the face. I’m here to give them a “Big Slap” Are you with me?

The reason I mentioned My training is to fall in line with the top saying. Use it or loose it. I moved the back truck from Odessa Texas To P.A, I prefer to use it”… My god gifted talents and training will be wasted if I never drive or operate again. This is what I want you to think about. What on earth can you not do, if you apply yourself to the task? I say Nothing, what do you say? I sure hope its not I can’t do that. I know you can if you have the desire and will to follow through with any thing we wish to complete in our lives. Maybe even give that Rich guy a slap of your own. Are you hearing Me? Create your own world and take your power back. Join us today we have lessons that show you the correct way to build a solid business. (Click Here) Where you are welcome to take your life back.

I heard you say that!… I hear it Too… So what is this really all about Jeff?…  This is about taking your knowledge on any subject and turning it in to a real income. How you ask? You build a website, add your valuable original content to it. Then you become affiliated with relative products or services. Add them to your site. Promote your site with pay per click, social networks, Flyers. This is called advertising. What ever you can afford. This can be done fairly cheep to start or even free but you get more value with targeted traffic. This means people that have interest in what you are offering. Buying a domain for 10$ a year to represent professionalism is one expense you should make for your future and the future of your business.

When someone is interested in your affiliate offers you make $$$ You must realize before involvement of your time or your effort. This takes time and hard work to accomplish. No real business on earth that I know about was built completely free. Someone spent their time.There must be a value placed on time. I know I value mine, how about you?

Can you Learn?

You know what touches your soul. Your emotions your knowledge and what you really care about. These are the answers to the question above. It takes all of them to understand what you value enough to learn. I say…. If you have a true desire then you can learn anything you wish to learn in life. Nothing is easy but everything is as hard as you make it. The knowledge is placed to help ease the process. You may see that repetition is necessary. I have repeated many things on this page.” Why”… You…ask”…. The fact is, we as humans need to hear things over and over again before they bounce off the right brain cell that information makes sense to. This is how we learn. I know my brain is still working on this fact. ? everything! When you recognize the repetition understand the process.

They say Idle hands are the work of the devil. I say get bust today. Even if its somewhere else other then here. Life waits for no one.

world in your hand picKoala

I am a man of this world, born onto it, as all men and women that have came onto earth, before me, or  shall come onto earth, after me. This is  my  home and my thoughts. Please respect that, I am not perfect. Are you? There is no “buy now” placed in these words of my creative expressions. It is “your” time, I invite you to spend reading this. As in the whole of life, It is your choice to spend your time here, or somewhere else. I will invite you to join something, bigger then yourself 450.000 + members strong and growing. What I suggest is, before you click away from this site, please feel free to read it all the way through.

Stop! If you do not wish to read about my life or my thoughts go back to the ( Click here) button above. Click on it,  You deserve this for your future. I’m not here to beg you to better yourself. I’m here to guide you to a true path.

Look, I totally understand how hard it is to make life changing decisions. I also know why it is so hard to commit ourselves to something new. The online world is loaded with scams and ripoffs. I have experienced this personally. I have been doing this on and off for 10 years. Yes I have lost my shirt in the past but I always managed to keep my pant’s on. I never gave up. If you want false promises and false hope. Sorry”… you will not find that here”. You have to let the past go and move on to something real. If you never got back on the bicycle after your first fall or you gave up after your first failure with anything you have done in your life…. Think of the experiences you would of missed out on!.. Live for tomorrow as you live for today.  Learn by the knowledge provided to you.

I’m Proud to be a Wealthy Affiliate Join me Today

 Share this site with the world as I do, or create your own. However the means. The world needs to know that finally there is a real program here for the people and not just for themselves.

Look around my site. It is different. Why” because I built it my way. I am here for one reason and that is to help you find something real that is not a scam. That should be enough to spark your interest. Believe me, I could show you, the Buy now sign and the sales funnels that grab your wallet and run off down the wire like you don’t exist. You will not find that here. Do ask yourself why. My answer “….What I recommend for you Is  Real.

It is a  well known fact, that human nature avoids free offers. We feel there is no value, to be gained. The truth is, this offer holds great value, but only if you need to create a “Real Online Business” and a financial secure future for yourself or your family. Or if you need to build a good website for the Business you have in place now that will rank above your competitors. Please know I wish you the best in life, with what ever you do. If you Get scammed out there remember my site for the real answer. I know how it works I have been there and done that.

If your starting from scratch  Please do not allow my words or my creation to stop your Success. With one simple click, you can begin your future or build your website the right way. I’m out of the box, unto myself, a gift for you.

my family

My Kids are grown Sis Mom Darrin my son Me And My daughter stretched out


For within my life’s experiences and creation, My successes and my failures, contains the key to your success. If you choose not to explore, which is OK too. You may miss your turn in life. I believe with everything, in my soul, that what I have put here for you, will lead you to true success. My words for you, are not expressed without payment’s, made by myself. If you choose a path to travel, for yourself, such a creating your own online business, or any successful task you may embark upon, you will find your own payment’s due by yourself.

I take you from the beginning of my thoughts, of how I care in life, some of which, I wish I did not to have to explain. To the middle, as a gift of knowledge for you, If you choose to use it. To the very end, where I have placed the secrete for you, but only, if your ready to receive it. It is, of coarse your choice to succeed or not to succeed. Again I say to you my best wishes are for you, either way. I wish to say one more positive thought. If your desire is real, you can achieve your goal. You must have the thought and make it manifest itself, and never give in to defeat. “Never Give Up.” Make your, today’s dream’s, your tomorrows, Reality.

The truth is, the answer to success.

The truth is. Helping others, as I have done here. This comes with a price. It takes away time. Time, that we should spend with our loved ones. I lost a pet today, she died in my arms. Her name was snowball and she meant the world to me. I can not tell you, the hours that I have spent here, creating this for others such as yourself, in need of truth and value. Before you say, he is just another bleeding heart, which is kind of true. I saved this animal, from death 9 years ago. When one does that, it creates a strong bond. My commitment to her, was her survival. I failed in the end, because that is how life is. That does not mean, I have to accept it, in my heart or memories. Death is my worst subject in life.

Time spent away, from enjoying her company.

We are human with responsibilities. All of you, that have pets, may relate to my feelings. Even those of you with loved ones may relate to this subject. We say good bye to our pets or loved ones, and head off to work to make some pet food money or survival money. This makes the thought a little lighter, in our minds, as we close and lock the door behind us. We jump in our cars  and off we go to the reality of  our daily task. We imagine they are OK all day without us.

Never giving it a second thought  until we walk back through the door. They greet us with joy in most cases. The thought of how they feel or what they think, never crosses our minds, until after its to late and they are gone for good, or we are. It’s just a real part of life, that we all must face. I should realize, that I work at home and get to spend  more time  with my loved ones, then most. But it is never enough time. I made this for her. That’s my belly, she is laying on and her view for her spirit.


She would always try to get her lap time, while I wrote the words below for you. I am ashamed of myself, for denying, her and I, the valuable time together by pushing her away.

Most of the time this was done in a gentle way, by putting her on the bed . The truth is some times it angered me a little, to be disturbed.  I would raise my voice not often and not to loud, but enough, to let her know, not now, so I could concentrate. She would turn and walk about two feet and sit there and watch me waiting for her next try to conquer my lap. Has this ever grabbed you?  As I look at her empty bed for the first night and wish I could turn back time and hold her again.

You may ask why could I, not do both at the same time? I am trying to do this, with my other cat right now. She is really wanting attention. I think they hurt too, when they loose their companion of 9 years.

Even if they did not get along at times. Now suddenly Snowball is not around. This truth again is death, is my biggest down fall in life. I may be selfish, because I want to hold and love them forever, or as long as I’m alive and beyond if possible.

She liked to stand in my lap most of the time, verses laying down, so she was always in the way of the key board. She loved to be petted and loved. It was very hard at times, to do both. I did try, but like I said, the truth is hard to swallow. I had this creation In my mind, with all the knowledge and tools to create it.

There for my time spent, I hope not wasted, I placed the subject matters below, take them or leave them. The truth is, it does not matter so much to me today, with my thought’s of her pasting, my brain. For the future will be yours to, create or not create. My words and creative expressions below, stand on their own. I have created my future, so I may be sharing more of my time, with my other cat and dog.


titan on a rock

The master

Sissy is my last cat standing Got to love her

Sissy is my last cat standing Got to love her

I am a real person that expresses his thoughts and feelings with you. I share my life, my love and my business. I am not a Guru that wants your money.


Second day, I am still committed to the thought of SB. You will understand the pain for lack of forgetfulness. I can’t shake the thought’s. Nor do I wish to, I always want to remember, being honest with yourself, will have more value in life, as you travel your path through Life.


Third Day traveling through the store and landing in the pet section to get supplies. The feeling of loss, came over me with a great power. Its like my heart has been ripped out and stomped on. Turning in for the evening is a mist of failure with out one of my best friends  curling up in my arms.  I only shared this, because I care about taking something and making a success of it. With my Pet she survived 9 years with me and never went hungry. The time I spent with her, I will miss more now that she is gone.


Fourth day I awake to emptiness. I visited Snowballs grave, last night before I put the chickens in for the night. Why must we die? This thought keeps running through my thoughts. In my imagination, I see the ships on the meridian as they sail the seas watching off in the distance as big rouge wave forms and travels directly toward them.


Within one forceful second in time, it rises up to cover the entire fleet. They have no way to escape it’s fury. The ships fight violently until they sink into the abyss of a well formed underworld only felt by the salt water that surrounds them. My problem is the ships will be remembered, before the crew that walked the decks.


My thought about business are nothing in life is perfect. It takes time away from our lives. This is all human created by Man’s need for money . The men on top are thinking they are special. When in fact they have conceded to greed. They are heading to the end of their time, just like the rest of us.

Trying to gain more from the real people that try to do their best to survive. I created this site for people like myself that Love deep, work hard,  and enjoy what pleasures cross our path’s. This will be my last caring post on this subject of my pet.  It will be a every day mind bender for me, I will never forget.

Rainbows to remember

Rainbows to remember

This is for all of you that live with truth and value in words. This was created on Snowballs, Sissy’s and Titan’s time :…: late night …. Mom and pop’s, get my days.  This is where my world is today.

My Creative challenge was to put these words here, for all to see.

Do you have a attraction based intelligence? If so create your world today.

I will not ask you to give me a million dollars, to make you a millionaire.

That’s Not Me. I will only try to offer true value. This you deserve for a change

This is a free to start offer. look around and experience the knowledge for yourself.

If we give up on our ability’s to learn , We have truly given up on ourselves.

With you I share my youthful expressions. Well if you can call 50 youthful.

I love creativity, as you soon shall see.

Please enjoy your life.    PS Its cold in Colorado


“Hello” and welcome to the worlds first, Online Business Train.

May I  have your boarding ticket please? Did you notice the secret

words on the back of your ticket?    (It’s Free to look around)

Thank you very much.

I will be your conductor. My name is,  Jeff Burch.

There are a few things I must say to you, while you are boarding.

Our # 1 rule is, please, do not jump off the train.

#2 Please, keep all you body parts inside the windows and doors.

Your safety is our main concern.

#3 relax and grow with us. This is for real.

Who Are We?

I know you want me to say something so smart that you will

spill your tea, or fall out of your chair, but please don’t.

You must remain seated, until we are under way.

When we begin our journey, you will then be allowed to

move around freely. We are the future. Please allow me to

Ramble on for a few minutes to explain what we must do

on our journey to gain the true human experience.

Look Inward to work out word

Intelligence, bewilders us all.

Do not live in a world of illusion’s, try  (disambiguation).

This means, to make things in your life, clear.

Only intelligent minded thinkers can achieve their goals.

True or False? One might say both. I do know we must think.

If your mind is closed it is of no value to yourself or others.

Why>>> you will not be able to express yourself.

Look into yourself and search for answer’s

Have you ever asked yourself, why you can’t do something?

Your most important thought should be, to ask yourself why.

Your most important action, should be to take action.

Believe in your capabilities with what ever you do, in your life.

Stop  what ever is around you in your life, from making decisions for you, that are not positive and are not helping you accomplish your passions or your dreams. This includes yourself.

I always think of what is around me and how it should have meaning. True meaning to help me grow and prosper. This is including myself.

We create our worlds, and allow all that is in them, to exist.

Being there for each other and being there for ourselves. Do you not agree, that this is what the world and our lives should be all about?

My Mom, always told me when I was young boy. Can’t ran around the corner and shit him self to death. Funny, I tell her that now.

Simple meaning,  You Can't died. You Can Lives.

Life has its ways of coming around full circle. Be grateful for all you have learned in your life, like these little sayings we learned as children.

Be grateful for all you have in life my friends.

And be grateful for all you can become with what ever you do.

The Knowledge is in this world to be learned.

I’m in no way trying to tell you how to live your lives. I’m just asking you to think about what makes you tick.  This may help you understand why you make the decisions you make. How they have effected your life in the past. And how you, are going to let them effect you, in your future.

One more thought and I thank you for allowing me to ramble on.

If you can solve problems then share your knowledge with the world.

Back to the Train Ride. If you are in need of a true way.

We are here for you.

You are now traveling with a totally productive,

communication platform.

glassy shadow 004 titan 004

 Welcome aboard.

We are here today to travel the world.

Our special of the day is :

Your guide to help you navigate, your way to, a successful

online business.

You are now one click away, from creating your world, of

financial freedom.

Accommodations include:

The best training coarse for building, a online business

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Providing you with the maximum, premium, quality,

Free online business, training tools.


Two free web sites,

Free hosting.

Help from the owners

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Awesome help from our community.

Join a ARMY of affiliate marketers willing to help you succeed.

I will introduce you to the people, you will be traveling with.

I guarantee you will love them all. To meet them now (click here)

What we offer you?

Watch the Video Program Walk through

video showing what you can expect

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The perks:

A seven day trial discount to upgrade, or keep on riding free.

Yes, I said free.

O k, I heard that.

Your right, you must work to accomplish, anything you do, in life.

The program is free, until you feel, you are ready to upgrade, to a premium seat.

Your websites and your business.

These are our gift’s, and our pleasure.

After all you will be traveling with us, allowing us to help you,

create your successful, online business. You deserve something

special for a change. Something that’s real, and not a scam.

Journey to your future of success.

You will never find a better train ride in your life .

After all, trains are made to get there.


fast train


A little about your conductor. I am a real, positive,creative, person.

For 9 year’s, I have given care to my mother after her massive stroke. In my spare time, I have searched the online business plan’s, only to come up empty handed, over and over again. Spending money I should have now.

A ton of false promises.

The one button, and its done for you, scams.

The up grade, up grade, up grade plans, that lead to tens of thousands of dollars. You may know what I’m talking about.

I have a  positive thought on the matter, and that is, I have learned a lot of information , along the way.

This train was created with the tools and information provided, to me, which you are now, a click of the mouse away from.

Access your future. ( Mouse Click here )

You, who are in need, of a real online business. Do not pass go, click your mouse and begin your new life ,with a real future business builder.

I have been taken advantage of, because I was in need of a way to create a future to provide for my Mother. Shame on them. I was just stupid and naive. Just a fish to them. I want nothing more then to put them out of business, and share a real way for people to succeed.

Moving up in progression, for building a online business.

I bought the dot com, for my site and moved  it to a higher track. The train Is my creation, and my business.

My dedication is to help you, stop doing what does not work, and start doing what does work.

You can walk the tracks, or you can jump on board a real online business train, for free. To build or not to build your online business, is a choice that must be made.

I am excited to give you that choice.

train tracks                  train boarding station


To wrap this all up for you. If you would like to ask questions,

please leave your comments. I will respond. It may take a few

I’m very busy these days trying to create a network to collaborate with you, and all my visitors.

This will be your communication key, if you remain a free member. I will try, never to be, to busy for you.

I would love to hear your thoughts. When you join, I can be found inside WA in the search box above in your membership area. Type jeffburch to find me.

I am very active, with helping others build their business inside the membership area, as are the thousands of other members participating in the program.

You will never find a better gathering of minds that want to help you succeed.

Please stop by and say hello.

I will be providing, little treasures, on this site. Tools that will help you grow. Knowledge and special offers for your business. These are my affiliations. Showing you, there is a way to create a business online.

I like to think of them as gold nuggets of knowledge. Of coarse you can do a better job, by creating your business the way you want it to be built. The right way is your way. Now you will have the knowledge and support, behind you.

Again, I am against the grain. A creator of my own present and future. There are so many more ways that are shared with you in the lessons you will learn to succeed.

This may be a terrible example in the eyes of the scam artist and the elite who wish to take your money. To who’s ever eyes that fall upon this material, that feels this way, it is OK. It is mine, and I share it because I care. You think the get to the point and show people jewels and fancy cars and the mansion on the hill or on the beach is the way to go.  I would rather show you what I love to find in life with my spare time. That’s my boy Titan looking at pure beauty.

waterfall 1

You don’t have to like my way. You do not have to agree with its presentation. I did not spend money to dazzle my viewers, to take their money. There are no actors or false presentations. All I offer, is what I believe, is the true path to success.  This is a part of me and who I am.

Sometimes, I may just get a little silly and share my thoughts. Please humor me. I  really can jump out of the box at times.

After all, I am Jeff Burch.


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Jeff Burch

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your understanding. J B

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jeffburch@onlinebusinesstrain.com  Have a Great life always, J B

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OK, I’m done. Its tax time, I’m not affiliated with this Tax Company.

I am sharing this because it has great value and I used this this year

I liked it and I like you, for visiting my site. Thank You by the way

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Lets end with, is this guy for real? Before You Dive into this site, revealing my creativity and mistakes. I’m sure there are a few. I will say I’m just as real as you are. If you say you cant afford “free” that’s OK with me. I’m going to direct You, to something of “value”through out this whole process. If you have money due to you. You can search for it for free. No email just put in your name and state and search.

Most outfits ask for your phone number and email info, so they can call you with offers. They may not like, that I share this with you, but I’m not affiliated with whom I share with you in any way. I just like the fact that they don’t ask for my number. You may too. It  is awesome to find your lost money. Do it for yourself or your family, even your friends. You can search below without getting harassed, or sharing your personal info. This is not what the rest of my site subject is all about. This information was personally placed here for you my visitors. Wrong or right, what will they say. I would guess, they would say stay with one topic. Na that’s boring. There are exceptions to every rule. That’s me in a nut shell.

Make your own money build your future start here free

Make your own money build your future start here free

Before you click away, I ask that you bookmark this site. So you can return and Read into my work, of which I created for you…  You may even find there is money waiting for you. This may be a way for you to afford a membership to this awesome system. Remember It is free to start. It is of value either way. Just so you know.  You have just received free value from this site! I am for “real”.

This is just my way of showing you that I’m really trying to help you in life. I’m serious about what I share with you. It’s for your future. You can do a search for lost money. Click on them and find, I’m telling the truth. The second window after you enter your info is where you will find out what they want from you. But here is the best way to search for any lost money that you may be entitled to without the hassle’s. Sorry to ramble on, I do this when I feel it is of value, for you  (click here) No matter how big or small the amount is, it’s still your money.

Please let me know if you found this of value for your life.  When you revisit, Ty.

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What I have been up too

What Have I been up too. Together we can achieve anything we want to achieve.

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I will make this a short post . You can view what I have been doing at http://forrestfennsworld.com/new-mexico-lost-treasure-hunter

I hope you all are doing well with your future Ideas. remember never stop chasing your goal until you catch it. Make sure you keep it its yours

Your more then welcome to view all the photos at this link and help us find a missing person. Thank you have a great life light forever JB and Titan